Alex believes that there are many important goals that need to be accomplished at Chapman. Read below to find out which areas he is focused on making progress in over the next year!
Vision for Chapman in 2019-2020
Empowering the Student Voice

Alex believes that the student body has the potential to make an incredible impact when we mobilize around the issues that are important to us. He has made it a priority this year to reach out to students on various initiatives because he recognizes the importance of widespread student feedback towards crafting a better university. If elected SGA President, he hopes to continue empowering students to collectively use their voice on campus and work to ensure that the University listens to students and includes them in major campus decisions. The dismissal of the student voice happens far too often for it to continue any longer, and he will be vigilant in having students' voices represented.

Campus Services

There are many student-centered areas that Alex has worked to improve, but there is still more to be done. He hopes to continue improving the consistency of program advising across colleges so that students of all disciplines and grade levels understand who they can go to regarding questions/concerns within their academic program. Additionally, he has made incredible progress this year in providing more college-specific support in Career & Professional Development, so he hopes to continue to foster this relationship and listen to students to ensure Chapman is catering to the career needs of students in all majors. He has also researched and discussed expanding Laptops to Go this year, which is something he hopes to continue pursuing until it is complete.

Safe and Inclusive Campus

Alex believes it is critical that students of all identities feel safe and included at Chapman. One of the biggest priorities in this area is engaging in serious self-examination as a University to determine how we can better protect students when it comes to sexual misconduct. Additionally, he strongly believe there is much more that SGA can do to support efforts towards diversity & inclusion on campus. After speaking to many students about initiatives they would like to see, Alex plans to advocate for increased scholarship support; further community engagement to attract, support, and retain students of diverse backgrounds; and integrate SGA's efforts on this issue with the efforts of student organizations and the Office of Diversity & Inclusion.

Commuter Student Resources

This year, Alex created the SGA Commuter Student Advisory Committee, which brought together 7 non-elected commuter students to meet weekly, discuss issues facing commuter students, and begin crafting solutions. Some of his goals for commuter students are creating a commuter lounge on-campus, establishing a First-Year & Transfer Commuter Mentorship Program, supporting year-round community-building events for commuter students with additional student staff, and introducing a pre-Orientation and/or Orientation program(s) geared towards helping commuter students find a space/community on campus.

Alex Ballard for Chapman University Student Government Association (SGA) President